In the Classroom: A Teacher Weighs in on Cadoozles!

At Zebra Pen, we love Cadoozles.  But our opinion means nothing if they aren’t living up to your expectations.  We asked a teacher to review Cadoozles and share her experiences.  Here’s what she had to say: Anyone who knows a teacher, knows that we will NEVER say no to anything free. We take anything, and keep […]

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Cursive: How to Teach Your Kids at Home

As a parent, we stay busy.  We go to Little League games and dance recitals, movie nights and birthday parties.  In the midst of the fast-paced day, we often miss the details.  Though our kids are learning more every day, and have access to quite literally the world, some of the things we take for […]

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Spring Cleaning: 8 Ways to Clean Your Desk at Home and at Work and Boost Productivity

cleaning supplies

Spring is in the air! After an always-tiring winter, the promise of spring right around the corner is the perfect excuse to start making some changes. Spring is a time of renewal and beginnings. Though we are a few months into 2017, it’s not too late to start getting into good habits and dropping your […]

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Adult Coloring: Color Your Way to Calm

adult coloring

These days it seems like no one can find time to sit down and relax. From running to and from the office or back and forth from your child’s soccer practice, there is never enough time in the day. The constant go-go-go mentality that so many of us are in wreaks havoc on our well-being. […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Filing Income Taxes

tax prep

Oh … we know, it’s tax season again. Are you an ultimate procrastinator when it comes to filing your taxes? We all wait until the last minute to file our taxes. No matter how many reminders, tax guides, or reminders we receive, we put it off, and keep putting it off. Our tip to you, […]

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Enlightened Writing: Love Letters

Finding enlightenment is not always an easy task with our busy, hectic day-to-day lives.  As winter is still sticking around for the foreseeable future, taking the time to snuggle up indoors for some relaxation might be just what you need.  Writing is a great way to wind down, relax, and work towards your own enlightenment.  […]

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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

According to research from the National Pen Company in the U.S., your handwriting can give away clues about 5,000 different personality traits based on the way you space your letters, how you sign your name, and even how you connect the letter ‘o’ and ‘s’ to other letters in a word. It can even be […]

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Are Handwritten Love Letters a Vanishing Art?

For as long as people had a pen, paper and could write, the art of crafting a romantic love letter has been penned. But in the era of texting, tweeting, emojis and emailing, the intuitive pleasure of a handwritten love letter is largely lost. Remember in grammar school as a kid, when the “I like […]

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Pen Fashion for 2017

New year new you, right?  The New Year means a clean slate—a clean slate that you can do whatever you want with.  Made resolutions?  Make this year the year you actually stick to them.  Looking to reinvent your wardrobe?  Go for it. Clothes aren’t the only way you can make a statement about who you […]

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Back to School: Round Two

Back to School

With the holiday season coming to an end, winter breaks from school will also be ending.  Now is the perfect time to restock on writing supplies that you probably ran out of last semester!  Soon you or your children will be waking up and stepping out into the cold in the early hours to leave […]

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